Who Am I?

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In 2008, I retired as an educator with over 30 years of teaching experience, which also included many years of conducting Professional Development to Administrators and Educators. As a teacher, I have many of the traits necessary for being a responsible caregiver…I am…
• Hardworking
• Compassionate
• Understanding
• Organized
• Flexible
• Ability to See the Big Picture
• Sensible
My retirement happened at just the right time. My mom was just about 84 years old and needed more help. At my urging, she had moved to my hometown when she was 72 years old, widowed and my older brother had also died. She was alone and I knew she needed to live near her only child as she aged. Mom was able to purchase a ranch home less than 2 miles from my home and, though she had always been close to my children, now she was even more involved in their growing up, which they loved.

Mom is a retired educator and guidance counselor. Having an understanding of the human psyche has helped my mom work through depression, fearfulness, missing her husband, the death of her son, 2 siblings and aging. Seeing my bright face every single day also helps lessen her anxiety. She knows, unequivocally, she will never be alone and I have promised to always keep her in her own home.

I decided to share with others who may be caregiving their parents my own tips learned through hands-on caregiving and some examples of meals that I prepare for mom.

If there’s one thing that I would like current or future caregivers to take away from this blog, it is that, Caregiving changes as our parent’s needs change and we must be up to the challenge.





6 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. You’ve heard the comment, I’m sure: “It takes a caregiver to understand a caregiver.” There’s a lot of truth to that. You’ve listed qualities of a responsible caregiver. In my book, “What to Do about Mama?”–so did I. They were:
    1. Love, care and compassion
    2. Commitment to family
    3. Problem solving
    4. Application of knowledge and skills
    5. Strong work ethic
    6. Understand how much they can handle
    7. Effective communication
    8. Ability to empower and facilitate

    You have also stated, “Caregiving changes as our parent’s needs change and we must be up to the challenge.” We addressed that concept as an expectation: Your caregiving roles and responsibilities will expand constantly.

    I don’t think the lessons learned can be stated too many times from many different perspectives. Like you, I hope that future, current, and past caregivers can benefit by our blogs (and by my book.)

    Again, thanks for “hearing” me!

    • Thank you so much for your feedback!!!! I hope your book does well!!!! I know I have all 8 of your characteristics of a “responsible caregiver!!!”

  2. Love the quote. I am a paediatric occupational therapist and I agree whole heartedly with this quote. There are doctors out there who could learn a lot from Carl Rogers model of client centred practise. Emma.

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