Sometimes You’re Up and Sometimes You’re Down

**Disclaimer: This blog does not give any medical or financial advice.

My absence of posts reflects the ups and downs Mom and I have been going through as we navigate the world of Ulcerative Colitis (UC).  I am so appreciative for the new gastro dr we started with on August 18th and we’ve seen him 3 more times since then and will return to see him again on Sept. 29th. He is keeping on top of the situation. This is a doctor who cares…he calls back in a very timely fashion and he wants you to email him and he emails in a very timely fashion, too. I am so grateful. Mom loves him!

Mom’s recent bloodwork reflected some good changes, especially in her glucose level. The gastro dr wants her to increase the dosage of the immune suppressant since it takes 2-3 months to get to the desired level. I’m hoping this increased dosage won’t be long term. We start that tonight so I’ll be on the lookout for side effects.

I feel like we’re in a partnership taking care of Mom…the doctor emailed me today that my mom has a very special daughter. I appreciate him and I value what he does and he appreciates me and values what I do for mom. Isn’t that great????   I think so!

Where Are We Going?

**Disclaimer: This blog does not give any medical or financial advice.

no fiber

This Ulcerative Colitis is a tricky business. When mom was first diagnosed a few years ago, it immediately went into remission. Last June she had an episode and that quickly went into remission. This episode is taking its time. It started mid to end of April…she kept it a secret. We got to the gastro doctor on May 23rd and again saw him on May 30th. It seems to be improving, but she has lost a lot of weight. Mom needed to lose weight, but not this way. We’ll see the dr. again on July 11th. I do follow a low residue/low fiber diet for mom while she’s having this UC episode. 

Last night mom had a slice of meatloaf for dinner, which I knew was too big, so the leftover meatloaf will be lunch today.

MENU for Today:

B: 1/2 slice “country” white toast     Small fruit medley (sliced banana, a few blueberries)   1 Thin slice Cheddar,   Decaf Coffee    Meds    Water

L:  Meatloaf Plate (Meatloaf   Cold Asparagus)   Decaf Coffee    Meds    Water

D: Salmon Trout (What my hubby & I had for dinner last night, it’s wild and it’s so yummy!)   Cooked Carrots    Small Salad (iceberg lettuce, seedless cuke   seedless tomato)   Meds   Water

The Caregiver Gig’s First Post

**Disclaimer: This blog does not give medical or financial advice.

Welcome to my new The Caregiver Gig blog which does NOT give any medical or financial advice. I invite all current caregivers, future caregivers, former caregivers to peruse this blog, comment, take away from it what you will. It is not intended as a guide and all medical and financial concerns should be addressed by the experts in your life.  The pages will probably stay the same, but I will try to post regularly the meals I prepare for mom that are very simple and anything else I find valuable in my life in The Caregiver Gig role.


Early this morning, I roasted 2 small turkey breasts….I mean really small, a little over a pound each. Then I sliced the meat thin and made individual packets that I wrapped in plastic wrap, put in a large baggy and labeled. So…today for lunch, I prepared a “Turkey Plate” for mom which included a few thin slices of turkey over a little bit of chopped iceberg lettuce and a few thin pieces of seedless cucumber. I topped that with 1 sliced strawberry and a few blueberries. She’ll have enjoy that with a cup of decaf, her after lunch meds and a glass of water. Earlier this morning, I prepared a scrambled egg white and put it over a half of a croissant. Alongside that I placed a sliced banana. For dinner tonight, I placed a slice of meatloaf on a plate with cooked stringbeans and cooked carrots.  So here is how today’s menu looks on a piece of paper on mom’s kitchen table:

B:  1 egg white    1/2 croissant  1 sliced banana  1 cup decaf coffee  meds  water

L:  Turkey plate  decaf coffee  meds  water

D: Meatloaf  carrots  stringbeans  meds  water