My Mom…Briefly

**Disclaimer: This Blog Does Not Give Medical or Financial Advice

mom easter sunday 2014

Mom is a retired educator and guidance counselor. She was also a caregiver to my dad and to my brother and to her father. She has always been a very compassionate individual.

Mom has always been a letter-writer, though her list is much shorter now since many people have died. She still writes and she sends out cards. Mom reads her newspaper every morning and does the crossword puzzle every day. TV bores her; she does watch it, but not all day.

Mom is a reader. I research and order books that I think mom will like through my local library and pick them up when they arrive. She loves some Victorian mystery series; English mystery series and books that are not voluminous. If it’s too heavy, she won’t read it.

Mom is ok with living alone. She does not care to go to the Senior Center in town nor does she want to join any clubs. When she first moved near me, she was in a reading club. Been there, done that is her attitude. She socializes with me and talks to people on the phone. Her granddaughter calls her several times a day and her grandson also reaches out to her, though he is in India now teaching, but was recently home and spent a lot of time with his Grams. My children love my mother very, very much and vice versa. My mother does not need to be entertained and is not demanding. She is an extremely appreciative person.

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