Mom’s Health

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My mom was overweight and recently lost weight due to a current bout of Ulcerative Colitis. Her glucose level has been too high as well. She is not on any medication for Diabetes and is not on a blood thinner (except for the small dose of Aspirin.) Mom’s doctor has urged her to be on meds for diabetes and a blood thinner to reduce risk of stroke and Mom has said no. She saw my dad on Coumadin for over 30 years and that has given her a negative feeling about blood thinners.
I’m listing some of mom’s ailments because some of you might have parents or loved ones dealing with the same issues. If you think it’s just TMI for you to read, then skip this section. Mom has Atrial Fibrillation, High Blood Pressure, Venous Insufficiency, Some Edema, Leaky Aortic and Leaky Valves, Stenosis of the Spine, High-riding shoulders, Sciatica which acts up from time to time and Osteoarthritis in both knees and Neuropathy in both feet. She is a breast cancer survivor and has never been on chemotherapy or taken any drugs after the bilateral mastectomy in 1991 when she was 68 and had taken her first mammography at my urging.
The daily medications mom takes are:
• Digoxin
• Furesomide
• Potassium
• Baby Aspirin 8
• Asacol
• Vitamin D
Mom’s gallbladder was removed a few years ago. She has also had ingrown toenails with pus, tooth infections resulting in oral extractions, root canals and implants. Both her arms do not move like they should since after the breast cancer surgery she wasn’t vigilant about continuing physical therapy exercises on her own and has lost mobility. She also has suffered from scar tissue pain that is ongoing. Mom has a lot of aches and pains on a daily basis. She does not take any Advil, Alleve or pain medication. She feels she is on enough meds and doesn’t want to take more. Taking meds has impinged on her life and has kept her on a schedule that she doesn’t care for.
I made up a Sample Daily Medication Chart that helps her take her meds and tallies her daily intake of fluids with 8 cups being the daily goal.  In addition to her Daily Med Chart, as I write up her Daily Menu I always list: Meds & Water under Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as a reminder to take her pills which she sets up after every meal.

Sample Daily Med Chart PDF


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