I’ll Take This Morning

**Disclaimer:  This blog does not give any medical or financial advice.


Haven’t a clue yet as to if the new med is helping mom or not, but the morning started off well. She’s not stressed out about anyone visiting and therefore can really relax and do her thing, which includes frequent visits to the bathroom. 

Last night on the phone, mom told me she ate everything I left for dinner, which surprised me, I thought some of the meatloaf slice would be left over for today’s lunch. I’m glad it wasn’t.

It’s another sticky day outside, so I know that mom is comfortable in her home that has fans and air conditioners that she has no problems putting on.

She finished all of the library books and is reading something from her bookshelf. I went to the library after Mom’s this morning and found 2 paperbacks she may enjoy. I also have books on order with the library that should be coming in for mom today or tomorrow. She likes small-sized mysteries…not too wordy with description or narratives, more dialogue. I am her Personal Librarian and do the footwork.

My husband just brought home some fresh Salmon Trout that he’ll make tonight  and I’ll be able to bring a piece over to Mom’s tomorrow morning for her dinner tomorrow night. We all love Salmon Trout, it’s a wild fish.

I’ll Take Today because, thus far, it’s very calm!

Today’s Menu:
B: One 2″ Blueberry Pancake (courtesy of my husband)   2 Scrambled Egg Whites  1 Peeled/Sliced Cooke Apple with Cinnamon    Decaf Coffee

L:  Swiss Cheese Slices over Chopped Salad with Ground Pepper and Lemon Juice

D: 1/2 Roasted Cornish Hen    Cooked Carrots and Cooked Asparagus

Low carbs in the 3 meals because Mom may have a snack…maybe a cookie…maybe a thin piece of cake from her freezer…whatever.


**Disclaimer:  This blog does not give medical or financial advice.

I know that self-preservation is ALWAYS important so I make sure that I make time for things that I enjoy, like to do or must do to ensure my health in all areas of my life and in all of my roles as: Me, Wife, Mom, Daughter, and Caregiver.

I could have chosen to worry all night about some insect bites that I saw yesterday on mom’s wrist and knee, which I did address yesterday and hope they are less red today; but I chose not to obsess over them and hopefully all will look better when I get there this morning.

Ways in which I self-preserve are: reading, exercising, eating well, spending time with my hubby, doing this blog, listening to music (folk, jazz, classical), reading the weekend edition of the NY Times, especially the book section, connecting with former colleagues through email, finding a good movie or show to watch on tv.

Everyone has their own way to self-preserve.

Mom’s menu today:

B: Fruit medley of 1/2 banana and watermelon     Scrambled egg white   Decaf coffee   Meds   Water

L:  Finish Sardine Plate in fridge from yesterday   Decaf Coffee   Meds   Water

D:  Pizza!!!!    Salad    Meds    Water

Mom loves pizza. To ensure not too many carbs, she’ll have one slice and I have individually wrapped the other slices for her freezer for other meals.  Notice I didn’t include any bread in her breakfast since she’s having the pizza for dinner. Hopefully she’ll go along with this. We’ll see.



Can’t Sleep?

**Disclaimer: This blog does not give medical or financial advice.


I have suffered with insomnia for many years. I have been taking Unisom for about 2 years, which my internist feels is benign enough and not to worry about it. It enables me to sleep, somewhat, 5 hours and that’s ok.

Last night I didn’t take it and have been up all night. I read a little bit from 2am-3am, started Rosie Perez’s memoir, “Handbook for an Unpredictable Life,” and it has started off well.  Will continue later.

Drinking my only cup of caffeinated coffee for the day now, 5:31am Thursday, as I write this. Here’s what I think I’ll give mom for her meals:

B:  1/2 White “Farmbread” toast   1 Scrambled Egg with 1/2 the yolk  1/2 banana that’s in the fridge from yesterday   Decaf coffee    Meds   Water

L:  Tuna Salad from 1 small can of tuna and place that on a little iceberg lettuce with a little seedless cuke    Decaf coffee (from this morning)   Meds    Water

D:  Baked Chicken (I still have a few pieces in mom’s freezer so I’ll take out to defrost this morning.)    Cooked carrots & **stringbeans

**Note:  Of course we all like to use fresh vegetables and for the most part I do…but…I like to keep GOYA frozen veggies because we consider them the best of the frozen.

I sure hope mom had a good night’s sleep. I know it is interrupted with trips to the bathroom, but hopefully she fell back to sleep after each trip. She usually does. Mom is usually sleeping when I enter her home between 7am and 7:30am, which is good for me. I put the coffee up, plate the meals (except breakfast), I check the house out, sweep, clean the bathroom…I am very quick, this does not take long. Then…usually as I am sweeping her room, she wakes up. If she has a good night’s sleep, her day will usually start off better, makes sense. If I don’t sleep, I do what I have to do and have a lot of adrenalin that keeps me going. Believe me, I will rest later in my recliner with a good book. So glad it’s Thursday, my hubby is home on Thursdays. He recently retired, but continues to work part time in his same job. We’ll do some shopping later and he will make some shrimp for my mom’s dinner for tomorrow night, she loves his cooking!