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Mom and I are in this battle to put the ulcerative colitis into remission TOGETHER. Her battle is my battle! I fight my depression to put on a brave front and a smile for mom every single morning, afternoon and evening. She so enjoys that I have breakfast with her.  Lately, for breakfast, every morning, we’re enjoying a soft boiled egg, half a banana and half a croissant with our decaf coffees. Today for lunch, I haven’t a clue as to what to serve mom. I know I’m roasting a chicken this afternoon so she’ll have a thigh for dinner with some greenbeans.  The Prednisone is helping…I think…But…it is also increasing urination, which she did a lot of anyhow due to the lasix, but I think it’s more now. Tomorrow we are seeing the new gastro dr for the 2nd time and I will ask him about that, but I am also faxing her cardio/internist tomorrow when I know he’s in his office to let him know EVERYTHING that has gone on in the past week and for him to get back to me tomorrow regarding my Lasix and Prednisone questions. He will.  It’s so much easier to fax questions to the dr.  than asking them on the phone; I find this way the dr can refer to the patient’s chart, think about the questions and then just call me with a response.

Yesterday, I took mom sightseeing right in our home town. She loved that we drove to the golf course, we waved to my husband playing basketball in the same park as the golf course. We also drove to a beach that has a fishing pier and we both remembered my dearly departed brother taking my 2 kids fishing there with both mom and me. She really enjoyed that outing. I’m hoping to get her into the car again this afternoon. I stay local. I hate driving now.

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