Making the Right Decision

**Disclaimer: This blog does not give any medical or financial advice.



What a terribly difficult day! I took mom to a new gastro dr. The office was huge, I mean huge and so crowded…7 doctors in the practice and I gather they were all there on the same day!  I have never seen so many office personnel outside of a hospital.  We really didn’t wait long for the doctor and he was very nice. He said he really must do a sigmoidoscopy to determine if mom has an infection and the severity of the ulcerative colitis. He said if we hung around 1.5 hrs, we could get it done. Of course mom said can we schedule for next week, but mom has been debilitating and I knew if we left, I wouldn’t be able to get her back. She hates drs.  So we waited. I said it was a terribly difficult day because all of a sudden, mom couldn’t do anything, nothing, zilch…couldn’t walk, couldn’t get undressed, couldn’t get on the damn table. I really felt that she was going to have to be hospitalized right there and then. I do understand it was nerves…she was scared, frightened. Needless to say, the day not only took its toll on mom, but on me, too. Yes, office staff helped, but there was so much to do and I really did most of it…the dr. did help get her on the table, move her around. I got her undressed, dressed, undressed, dressed…we were in a few different rooms. Mom was a trouper, the dr was able to do the sigmoidoscopy, no meds and he saw mom was severely inflamed. She has severe ulcerative colitis and must be on Prednisone and he wants to see her in a week and I will also take her to the lab this week for bloodwork.  We’re not going back to mom’s gastro dr…All he did was look at her, he never did a test this time. Of course, I know the side effects of Prednisone, but he said it was that or hospitalization where they would do it intravenously. Mom doesn’t want to go to the hospital and I don’t blame her. I called my husband to meet us at the dr’s office cause I knew I couldn’t walk mom to the elevator even. When the sigmoidoscopy was over, mom rested, I dressed her and we all listened to the dr. My husband got mom to my car and then we met up at mom’s. I got mom showered, and yes, she got in the shower herself. We put on nice clean pjs, rested and my husband went to pick up the Prednisone at the drugstore and some steamed shrimp dumplings for mom. Mom had 3 of them, but she did have a nice cup of warm milk, a small piece of cake with 2 tsps of java ice cream. Then she took her Prednisone, both pills tonight to get started. Tomorrow we’ll start the Prednisone schedule of 1 after breakfast and 1 after dinner. Thank goodness for my husband, he is our tower of strength. I won’t go through this again by myself, he’ll take us to the dr next Monday since he’s off from work. I will only make dr appts from now on on his days off.  I pray the Prednisone works for mom and doesn’t make her swollen or sleepless or whatever some of the side effects are!!!   I will keep close watch. Must get to sleep now, very tired. I know I made the right decision taking mom for a 2nd opinion.

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