Good Morning

**Disclaimer: This blog definitely does NOT give any medical or financial advice.


Woke up feeling good on this Sunday morning on the East Coast…not the heaviness I sometimes feel from depression over Mom’s condition. It’s a new morning; yesterday was a good day for Mom and I told her that, she needs reminders.

Today my husband and I are married 32 years, but because yesterday was a good day and I was in a good place, emotionally, we celebrated our anniversary at a local Italian restaurant last night. It was so very delicious. We had baked clams and we each had a shrimp dish; mine with risotto and pancetta and my husband’s with linguini and spinach. I ordered their calve’s liver veneziana to go and will give mom a small portion of that today for her dinner.  Many years ago I had the real thing in Venice…so many years ago.

Tomorrow mom and I will visit the new gastro dr and let him go over her ulcerative colitis history (I’ve typed it up for him) and let’s just listen to what he has to say. I reassured mom we’re just getting a 2nd opinion…he may agree with her current gastro dr…he may not…all decisions are up to us. I’m not looking for anyone to do any invasive testing!!!!  

Yesterday I bought mom a very sweet and delicious cheese danish which she requested. She ate some of it and will probably consume the rest today. I made sure she had an egg for protein at breakfast time.  I know that if I remain calm, it helps mom remain calm.  It’s a new morning and I’m hoping for another good day!

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