Foreign Terrain

**Disclaimer: This blog does not give any medical or financial advice.


Being a Caregiver for one’s parent is foreign terrain, a foreign body of water, a new ocean. I’m doing it step by step, I’m treading water carefully, it is all consuming. I think of mom when I try to go to sleep and I think of her upon rising.

Today I am calling Mom’s gastro dr because the Asacol is really NOT working. The ulcerative colitis is not improving and she needs to be off the medication. This dr is extremely busy, gastroenterology is BIG business. I will call the office, get the name of whom I’m speaking to, tell her to tell the dr about my mom and have her call me back with a response. He doesn’t call. My mom’s cardio dr calls, but the gastro dr., forgetaboutit.

Believe me, I have the name of another gastro dr and soon, if we don’t get any satisfaction, I will call and make an appt. Mom is listless, depressed and who can blame her?  She really doesn’t want to make any decisions.

I am not doing menu planning or cooking in advance. I am letting her eat what she wants. Yesterday she had a half of a mini bagel with a little cream cheese and I told her if she didn’t eat it all, I wouldn’t tell her about her brother’s tribute to his life this past Saturday in Pennsylvania, which my husband and I attended. (It was great.)  She ate the half of mini bagel.  For lunch she did prepare for herself a half a banana with Special K cereal and milk and guess what, right after that, she ate the piece of lemon cake with lemon filling and coconut frosting that I had left in the fridge. That was a surprise. We played Scrabble after lunch. For dinner, I had a small lobster steamed and my husband took the tail out of the shell and cut it up into bite-size pieces. When I spoke to mom on the phone, she said she ate it, it was good and she had it with a little cocktail sauce and a tiny dollop of potato salad that I had left.

It’s 5:30am as I write this post, out of bed since 4am. I get to mom’s about 7am to open windows, air out the house, clean and wait for her to get up and start her day. I am making more frequent trips to mom’s home which is only 2 miles from my home.  The time is not right yet to hire someone to help. I will know when that time arrives. Then, how to go about doing that?   How do you know who’s entering your home? That will be another foreign body of water to navigate….I know that.

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