“Hope is the Thing With Feathers.”-Emily Dickinson

**Disclaimer: This blog does not give any medical or financial advice.


Yesterday attended and spoke at a tribute to my uncle’s life, a celebrated and much loved historian and professor. He was mom’s younger brother. It was nice meeting and seeing cousins and spending time with family.  It was a very long day. We left our home 11am and picked our daughter up at mom’s just close to midnight. It was a very long day for our 31 year old daughter. She saw first hand just how tired her Grams is, how depressed her Grams is and how she has no appetite and visits the bathroom way too often. Spending so many hours with Grams was probably also a reality check for my daughter and she saw what I see every single day.

I woke up from my very few hours of sleep already apprehensive about the day. What can I feed mom?  How can I lift her spirits? Of course I’ll tell her about yesterday and how everyone sends their love to her. Perhaps I’ll read to her what I said at the tribute, she’s my biggest fan when it comes to listening to anything that I write, always has been.

Mom and I will have to make a decision about calling the gastro dr yet again and discussing another medication since I don’t believe the Asacol is helping her and I know the Lialda didn’t help her either.  We are not sticking to any kind of diet now since that didn’t seem to hurt or improve her condition.

I’m probably already depressed because of yesterday’s lengthy excursion and going to sleep too late and still not sleeping any later.  Hopefully I’ll get to walk in the park later on with hubby after we take our daughter to the train to return to the city.


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