Thinking Positively

**Disclaimer: This blog does not give any medical or financial advice.


Today I am going to a celebration of my mom’s younger brother’s life out of town, about 4 hours from where we live. My daughter is coming in this morning by train, I’ll pick her up, take out anything she wants for breakfast and deposit her at mom’s. She volunteered to stay all day into the evening with her beloved Grams. I think having my daughter all day will help mom refocus on the positive things in her life. Not that mom complains, she never complains, is a lovely person and really does try to stay positive, but it’s so very difficult. With the ulcerative colitis, she lives in the bathroom…may not do much, but gets many, many urges. It’s a very difficult disease to get a handle on.

My daughter already knows that she’ll have Chinese food delivered for dinner…she knows her Grams loves that and will nibble on that.  Yesterday I left a piece of coconut lemon cake in Mom’s fridge and she had that with a glass of milk for her dinner. I am not going crazy anymore limiting  Mom’s intake of sugary foods; though I am not going to let her just live on that, either. Everything in moderation.  I want her to have some enjoyment and food used to bring her that, no more, really. This was a woman who loved to cook and loved to eat and was never thin a day in her life. To me she’s so thin at about 160 lbs. Her internist said on Thursday that I have a long way to go to worry about mom losing too much weight.

i will try very hard today to stay positive as we leave our hometown and get on the road. It will not be easy, I know. Mom wants me to go; she wishes she could go. I will honor Mom’s request since I know her granddaughter will be with her.

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