What Will Today Bring?

**Disclaimer: This blog does not give any medical or financial advice.

I am so grateful that my mom’s doctor did not hospitalize her at yesterday’s scheduled appt. Her cardio/internist has been treating mom for nearly 20 years since the time she moved near me. Besides being a very good doctor, he’s just a nice human being. When mom was getting her echocardiogram yesterday, I left the room for a few minutes and cried to her doctor.

After the echo, mom had her exam. Her doctor said the bloodwork was all fine…echo showed the usual leaky valves which she’s too old to do anything about…she can reduce the Lasix to 3X a week, but if I start to see swelling, then go back to daily. He said she can eat anything, but stay away from very salty foods, so no kosher pastrami for mom. She told him she has no appetite and she won’t drink those Ensure drinks or anything like them.

I asked her doctor about the gastro dr and he had only good things to say about him, knows him well. I believe that if my mom’s dr didn’t like the gastro dr, he would somehow imply to me, to make a change. He said it was up to me (and mom, of course) to get a 2nd opinion. Mom likes her gastro dr., so we’ll wait a while until I think we may need a 2nd opinion about the ulcerative colitis.

Mom was exhausted when we left the office. But…good news…she requested shrimp for lunch. My husband and I took her home so she could shower and clean up. With the ulcerative colitis, accidents happen.  I ordered shrimp scampi over pasta and fried zucchini, yes indeed, from an excellent Italian restaurant by us. Hubby went to pick it up. On a small plate (that’s how I present things to mom so it doesn’t look overwhelming), I dished out 2 shrimp (a very nice size), some pasta, 3 pieces of fried zucchini and on the side a small piece of semolina bread. Folks…she ate it all!!!!   I ate with her and then I prepared another small plate for today’s lunch. I told her lunch will be a main meal from now on and she can have anything she wants. I realize this meal was salty and I forgot to tell them to not add additional salt. I’ll remember next time. To see her enjoy the food was such a gift to me!!!!!

Tomorrow my daughter will spend the day/night (but not sleep over) at mom’s as my hubby and I go to Pennsylvania (about 4 hours away) to attend tribute to my late uncle’s life. My daughter doesn’t drive, so she’ll have food delivered and whatever she orders, mom will have some.

I really was scared that mom’s doctor was going to order us straight to the hospital so I am GRATEFUL that he didn’t. He also said I have plenty of time to worry about weight loss. Mom weighs 159lbs…for her that is the lowest weight ever. She’s 5’6″ (used to be 5’7.5″). 

Won’t bother posting menus anymore, cause I don’t know what each day will bring and what mom will want to eat. No more planning in advance.  In the meantime, hoping today will be a better day and that having her granddaughter over tomorrow will lift mom’s spirits.

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