“Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound.”

**Disclaimer: This blog does not give any medical or financial advice.

I used to always listen to the folksinger, Tom Paxton, and his line, “Can’t help but wonder where I’m bound, where I’m bound, Can’t help but wonder where I’m bound” just popped into my mind. Mom said this morning she wants to see the gastro dr the following Friday and I said, NO, cause if you want to see him, we’ll see him THIS Fri and that’s what we’re doing. We don’t know where we’re going with this ulcerative colitis and I wonder….is it even ulcerative colitis?  In 2009 when diagnosed, she had had her first colonoscopy. In 2010 when it reappeared, she had had a sigmoidoscopy. This time around, not tests, no bloodwork, nada. Yesterday I took mom to lab for her cardio dr.’s bloodwork so I called his office this morning and told them to fax a copy of bloodwork results to the gastro dr.’s office for Fri. The cardio dr. must first share the results with me before faxing to another dr. so he’s going to call me and he usually does.

My stomach is in knots. I just walked thru the park, enjoying a cup of decaf as I do this posting, will shower, read and try to relax. I can’t tell mom what to do; I can’t tell her which meds to take; it has to be her decision..it’s her life. I can only support her decisions. We made a list of questions for the gastro dr that we’ll present to him on Friday. If he’s tired of seeing us, too bad.

I went to the store and they had such a lovely beef stew with greenbeans already cooked and a lovely yellow rice with peas and carrots, that I bought some and went back to mom’s an left in fridge. That will be tasty.

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