Free Will

**Disclaimer: This blog does not give any medical or financial advice.


Today mom decided to stop the newer medication for Ulcerative Colitis that she started July 11th and she resumed her former medication. Both meds have the same basic ingredient. I supported her decision. She said it was aggravating the situation and it also decreased her already small appetite. I left a message with the gastro dr.’s secretary this morning and told her to get his feedback and she must call me back.

Mom has free will, all of her marbles and only she knows how she really feels. If it was up to me, maybe I’d say take nothing for a while, but I’m not suggesting that. Tomorrow I will take her for her bloodwork for her scheduled visit next week with her all around cardio/internist. This morning, since I know he’s in his office, I faxed him a 1-page letter telling him what mom has been going thru…so…if there’s anything in the bloodwork, at least he has a background.  I like him. He returns calls and he has a very busy practice. The gastro dr has a busy practice and he really doesn’t return calls so that’s why I told the secretary she must call me back.

Today’s Menu:

B: 1 Slice French Toast    Decaf

L: 1/2 can Sardines   Decaf

D: Sliced boneless rib steak     Roast Potato Slices (Mom said NO to any greenbeans)

IF bloodwork shows her glucose level and A1c ratio is much lower, then I am going to let mom have more tasty food. Tomorrow I am going to let her have a sour pickle, which she loves, with some chicken salad I prepared today.  Mom is depressed and disgusted with this ulcerative colitis and who can blame her?  She’s exhausted, too.


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