Having No Answers

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I have no answers when it comes to really knowing exactly what to do for mom. I’m just doing the best I can. Am I doing right by her?  That’s a question that sometimes weighs heavily on my heart and on my mind. I woke up a bit depressed this morning and working it off through this posting and then I’ll exercise.

I’ve read and researched Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and I’ve been trying to plan meals according to the research. Her gastro dr. says she can eat anything. Other drs say follow a low residue (low fiber) diet. We have been doing the low residue diet and adding things back in.

She’s been on the new med 2 weeks, really no difference. Her gastro dr says it takes 2-4 weeks to kick in. Mom has never been a thin woman, but she has really lost weight, about 16lbs since end of April. She is 90 and a half years old. It’s been hard trying to get her outside, but that really has a lot to do with needing the bathroom nearby, quite understandable.

Anyone out there have experience with UC?  Any suggestions?  I’m not switching gastro drs….Mom likes him, he has a good reputation and so far, I don’t dislike him.

August 7th, we’ll let her cardio/internist know everything when we see him for her scheduled appt. I so hope the bloodwork that we’ll do on Tuesday has her numbers within normal range.

Yesterday when I walked through the park for the 2nd time, one of the park workers asked me how my mom was doing. I told him and he applauded me for making sure mom lives at home. That’s her desire, that’s my desire.

Hoping for a better day today and that I shake off this depression. Going to exercise now, that should help. Not listing a menu, cause I have no answers.

One thought on “Having No Answers

  1. Hi, caregiver — I’m the mom and occasional caregiver to a former pediatric UC patient diagnosed at 14, now a young adult UC patient living independently, but who accepts caregiving from me as necessary. It’s great you’re doing research about UC; be aware that the connection, if any, between diet and inflammatory bowel disease tends to be a very individual phenomenon — Crohn’s and UC are not caused by food. My child’s GI docs have always stressed that there *is* no magic diet for inflammatory bowel disease, and people living with it should eat what makes them feel comfortable. One person may experience worse symptoms with Food X, and another person may experience no difference at all with Food X, and both people are “right” in their eating. My child has been encouraged to learn what makes him feel good or bad and beyond that, there is not much we can do.

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