Keeping a Positive Attitude

**Disclaimer: This blog does not give any medical or financial advice.


When I can get mom to go outside, then that is a better day. It’s harder and harder to get her outside and having ulcerative colitis really hinders her desire to want to go out and that is quite comprehensible. This morning I tried, but she was exhausted from the condition.

Just talked with her on the phone now and I can always tell when she’s distracted (the TV was on) and her comprehension was a little off, not a lot, just a little. Many times, my daughter and I tell her to mute the TV when we call; sometimes she does that and other times, not. I didn’t remind her to do that now cause I wasn’t saying anything terribly important.

I am focusing on the good. Mom continues to live in her own home and get around on her own 2 feet…Hallelujah!  I walked in the park after Mom’s this morning and I also visited my little coffee shop in town and sat outside a few minutes chillaxin’ with a cappuccino.

Today’s Menu:

B: 1/2 Mini Bagel with Melted Swiss Cheese     A few slices of Peeled Cooked Apple  Decaf

L:  Finish salmon from yesterday  A Little Store bought Potato Salad   Decaf

D: 1/2 Cornish Hen     Salad   Finish Cooked Apples from Breakfast


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