Acknowledge Your Greatness as a Caregiver!!!!!

**Disclaimer: This blog does not give any medical or financial advice.

 Each stage of one’s life has its successes and rewards and it’s crucial to self-acknowledge one’s achievements, shout it from the rooftops if you want. It feels good!!!! For example…here I am a little after 10am already home from Mom’s. I was there at 7am and between 7am and 9:30am, this is what I accomplished:
-Cleaned Mom’s Home B4 she got out of bed and so did her bedroom last
-Changed her bedding
-Helped her shower
-Did usual examination of mom from head to toe…you’ll never know what you may find!
-Did usual daily massage of feet and legs
-Set out clothes for the day
-Sat and talked about what we are grateful for this morning
-Prepared breakfast
-Washed, dried laundry
-In between, I did usual things like check to see there’s a new roll of paper towels in kitchen…that there are enough rolls of toilet paper and paper towels in the bathroom, that she has enough Poland Spring bottles of water opened on her kitchen table, that enough napkins are in her napkin holder…There are so many little details to maintaining Mom’s comfort.
-Went shopping for my hubby and my meal for tonight and it will be mom’s dinner tomorrow night
-Stopped quickly at my dr.’s office to talk to secretary
This is why I wouldn’t bother having someone clean mom’s home or take care care of her: No one, absolutely NO one would see all of the details that need to be addressed. It’s all in the details on living a comfortable and safe life. I am so very happy I can do this for Mom and believe me, NO one is more grateful and appreciative than my Mom!!!! She continues to be a wonder…her intelligence, her kindness, her generosity, her love have never known any bounds.

Today’s Menu:

B: Cheddar Cheese Toast   1/3 Sliced Banana  Decaf

L:  Egg Salad Plate   Decaf

D: Thin slices of Roast Turkey Breast I had in the freezer   Leftover carrots/potatoes

6 thoughts on “Acknowledge Your Greatness as a Caregiver!!!!!

  1. My sister-in-law remarked that I didn’t sit in the study with my mother-in-law during the day. She said that I would not have treated my own mother this way! That comment was particularly rough because I had been having many wistful days of regret that I did not do one-tenth of one percent for my now deceased mother of what I was doing for my mother-in-law. SIL was correct that I did not sit in the study during the day or spend time just holding MIL’s hand. My mornings were filled with “gently” touching her when I bandaged her extensive wounds, which was at least a 30-minute procedure. And then there was the touching when I helped her transfer and steadied her walking. Sit with her in the study? No! I was a balancing act juggling many activities—personal care, wound care, medical and hospice staff visits, meals, laundry, housekeeping, doctor appointments, and recreational opportunities, to name a few. I had no time or inclination to just sit. I am not the sedentary type and would have gone crazy “sitting.” As a caregiver, I had so much to do. I sat with her at the kitchen table for about an hour each morning, where I would help her do the crossword puzzles after breakfast because they were getting more difficult for her to complete independently. It was my husband who would sit with his mother during the evening in the study, and that was time for me to “get away from it all.”

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