Recapping Every Morning or Every Visit

**Disclaimer: This blog does not give any medical or financial advice.


I’ve always been a very early morning person and that continues into my life as a Caregiver for my Mom. Since the Ulcerative Colitis episode began in April, she has been up earlier than normal, so we have quite a few hours every morning together. If I get there before she rises (after having been up quite a few times to visit the bathroom), I get the coffee on, the floors swept and wiped down, the house inspected, bathroom cleaned…all before she gets up for the day. As she showers, takes meds, eats breakfast, I get a few other chores done, but constantly check on her.

I find it’s very helpful to remind mom a few times in the morning as to what her meals will be (and it is written down right on her table) and what we are thankful and/or grateful for that morning. I’m always at the top of mom’s list. I am trying hard to get her to focus on the good things. Mom has never been a complainer and she still isn’t even though she would have good reason to be.

Yesterday I broke down and let Mom have a very small wrapped package of frozen Chinese food that I had saved for her from one of my meals. She loved it!  Due to the carbs, high sodium and high glucose level in Chinese food, I really do try to keep her away from that. I realize tasty food is helpful for mom’s spirits so I also ordered a small pan pizza yesterday and wrapped each of the 4 slices individually and put into her freezer for future use, i.e.: one slice could be a lunch. There are a few things in the freezer we still have to use up; with that in mind, I also purchased a store-bought rotisseries chicken yesterday, wrapped pieces individually and also put in freezer for the future after we use up the chicken that I made and froze.  The store bought is much tastier.  Tonight my husband will make some baby lamb chops and 2 small boneless rib steaks in the cast iron skillet that I will individually wrap and put in mom’s freezer tomorrow. This way I’ll have enough cooked food for a while. Of course, when hubby and I have fish one night, we always make enough that mom will have that fish the very next night for dinner.

Thank goodness, I installed phones in Mom’s home that BLOCK unwanted calls. She just called me know and said that she must’ve received about TEN blocked calls already this morning!!!  I told her to not think about them, they’re computerized and just call randomly. Blocked calls ring only once and the Caller ID says “Blocked Caller.” One of the best investments I ever made!  I have the same phones.

It’s only 10:41 Sunday Morning as I post this…I was finished at Mom’s this morning within 2 hours. She’s now elevating her legs and watching “Meet the Press,” then she’ll read a little while, relax, etc. I am lucky Mom doesn’t get bored with being home, very lucky indeed! We are on the phone many, many times during the day and my daughter calls her Grams several times a day as well.

Today’s Menu:

B: 1 Banana    1/4 cup Special K  1% Lactaid Milk   Decaf

L:  Freshly Roasted Turkey Sandwich on 1 Slice White Bread    Iceberg Lettuce   Mustard    Decaf

D: Roast Chicken     Greenbeans

Monday’s Menu:

B: 1/2 Mini Bagel    A little Cream Cheese    1 Scrambled Egg White   A few slices Cooked Apple    Decaf

L:  Tuna Plate

D: 2 Baby Lamb Chops     Roasted Potato   Greenbeans

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