Perception vs Reality

**Disclaimer: This blog does not give any medical or financial advice.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I wanted to get Mom outside, just on her block, to inhale/exhale and walk a little bit.  We took it very slow with Mom using her cane, which she always uses and also holding onto me…clutching onto me, stopping blood flow, but that’s another story.

I pointed up at the sky for her to look at as we stopped in our tracks. After a few more feet, I pointed out things neighbors have done with the lawn or patios. We didn’t walk far, we walked much less than if we walked through the supermarket. It’s all about Mom’s perception vs reality. She huffed, she puffed, she stopped so many times and never ever does that in the supermarket. Granted, in the supermarket she is holding onto the shopping cart. Don’t go suggesting a walker with wheels, we have that in the house…ain’t going to happen.

Today is another beautiful day. Mom walked through the supermarket and was fine. Yes, she is tired when we get home, but she has the entire day to relax. I could tell her til I’m blue in the face that walking to the stop sign of her block and back is much less than walking through the supermarket, but her perception and I gather her fearfulness and/or nervousness hinders her.  She enjoyed the supermarket and also enjoyed waiting in the car for me when I ran into Staples and the bank.

Today’s Menu:

B: 1/2 Mini Bagel  Low-fat Cream Cheese  and 1 small banana  Decaf  (Yes I know, NO proteins this morning, oh well, Mom sure wasn’t upset!)

L: Freshly sliced Roasted Turkey Breast that I made yesterday   Chopped Salad   Decaf

D: Meatloaf & Pasta that I had in Mom’s Freezer     Greenbeans

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