I’ll Take This Morning

**Disclaimer:  This blog does not give any medical or financial advice.


Haven’t a clue yet as to if the new med is helping mom or not, but the morning started off well. She’s not stressed out about anyone visiting and therefore can really relax and do her thing, which includes frequent visits to the bathroom. 

Last night on the phone, mom told me she ate everything I left for dinner, which surprised me, I thought some of the meatloaf slice would be left over for today’s lunch. I’m glad it wasn’t.

It’s another sticky day outside, so I know that mom is comfortable in her home that has fans and air conditioners that she has no problems putting on.

She finished all of the library books and is reading something from her bookshelf. I went to the library after Mom’s this morning and found 2 paperbacks she may enjoy. I also have books on order with the library that should be coming in for mom today or tomorrow. She likes small-sized mysteries…not too wordy with description or narratives, more dialogue. I am her Personal Librarian and do the footwork.

My husband just brought home some fresh Salmon Trout that he’ll make tonight  and I’ll be able to bring a piece over to Mom’s tomorrow morning for her dinner tomorrow night. We all love Salmon Trout, it’s a wild fish.

I’ll Take Today because, thus far, it’s very calm!

Today’s Menu:
B: One 2″ Blueberry Pancake (courtesy of my husband)   2 Scrambled Egg Whites  1 Peeled/Sliced Cooke Apple with Cinnamon    Decaf Coffee

L:  Swiss Cheese Slices over Chopped Salad with Ground Pepper and Lemon Juice

D: 1/2 Roasted Cornish Hen    Cooked Carrots and Cooked Asparagus

Low carbs in the 3 meals because Mom may have a snack…maybe a cookie…maybe a thin piece of cake from her freezer…whatever.

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