Staying Calm…Staying Positive

**Disclaimer: This blog does not give any medical or financial advice.


The new med isn’t making any difference yet, but the dr. did say it would take 2-4 weeks to kick in. We’ll give it that, I guess…then we’ll see.  Obviously, it’s hard to get mom out of the house with ulcerative colitis, though we did take a very brief walk yesterday. Forget about today, the humidity is 82%!   Her cousins wanted to visit her in 2 days, but she’s just not up to it and she just had me email them that. 

On a brighter note, she did enjoy the lunch I left for her today. Yesterday I bought a small 2.5 boneless turkey breast that I seasoned and broiled on both sides so I wouldn’t dry it out. My husband sliced it thinly so I was able to make up packets for the freezer for future lunches. Today I put about 3 nice slices on top of a chopped salad: iceberg lettuce    seedless cuke    seedless tomato and spritzed a little bit of lemon juice on the salad and sprinkled some black pepper…very refreshing.  Yesterday I also bought a package of legs/thighs. I only use Murray’s or Bell and Evans since they do not use antibiotics. Again, I broiled the chicken, wrapped it individually and now I have it for future dinners for mom.  Mom likes the leg and thigh cause it is so much more juicier than the breast.   These legs/thighs were large so I broiled about 20 minutes on each side.  My husband just made some silver dollar pancakes with blueberries in them so I’ll take one for mom’s breakfast tomorrow that I’ll serve with 2 scrambled egg whites and some cooked cinnamon apple slices. 

Not knowing right now what her glucose level is, but hoping it has come down due to the weight loss and also realizing that ulcerative colitis requires a low fiber diet, I am often in a quandary when planning her meals. I do not want to overdo the carbs since they can raise the glucose level, so you might think I’m not feeding mom enough when I mention I’m only giving her one silver dollar pancake, but that is the reason. We’ll do the bloodwork towards the end of this month before she has her checkup with her cardio/internist.

Tonight’s dinner is a slice of meatloaf from mom’s freezer, a half of a roasted Idaho potato and greenbeans.  

Since I stopped all “No Sugar Added” products from coming into mom’s home since they can cause stomach problems, I do let her have REAL ice cream and REAL cookies, but just a little, i.e. 1 small Pepperidge Farm Shortbread Cookie with 1 Tsp Ice Cream can be a treat. Also, the little supermarket near her sells delicious slices of cake individually wrapped. I’ll cut each thick slice into 6 pieces and freeze.  Mom likes the Yellow Yogurt slice and it goes a long way and satisfies her sweet tooth.

The results from the bloodwork toward the end of the month will determine what can stay the same and what must be discontinued and/or lessened. 

Today’s Menu Looks Like This:

B: 1 Banana      1/2cup Special K Cereal     1/2 cup 2% Lactaid Milk

L:  Turkey Breast over Chopped Salad   

D:  Meatloaf   1/2 Roasted Idaho Potato   Greenbeans

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