A New Day!

**Disclaimer: This blog does not give any medical or financial advice.

Haven’t posted since the last few days were difficult ones for varying reasons…but…let’s focus on the good…the positive…which today provided!!!!  Instead of suggesting to mom that we walk thru a store, I told her she could be a sightseer today and accompany me on several errands pertaining to her. The thought of not getting out of the car and getting back into the car and walking around pleased her. So today Mom was a tourist and so enjoyed seeing all the cars on the road and the people going about their business at each of the 5 stops I had to make. She remained in the air conditioned car and felt good. Earlier in the morning she spoke with my daughter, as usual. My last errand was picking up 3 bags of ground decaf coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts which I brew every morning for mom. We love their coffee. I also took out 2 small containers of decaf coffee with a little, a tiny amount of Half ‘n Half. We so enjoyed the coffee when we returned to mom’s.  Before I left mom’s, I thought I’d check to see if my son would respond on Skype. He did!!! Mom was able to see her grandson and his fiance in Amsterdam and the beautiful apartment they are staying in before returning to India for their 2nd year of teaching.  So, lots of positives today!

Menu for Today:

B: Cheddar Cheese Toast    Little Watermelon    Decaf  

L:  1 Roasted Chicken Leg     A little Salad of Iceberg Lettuce and Seedless Cuke

D:  Broiled Salmon    Last night’s leftover Home Fries   Cooked Carrots (I also left a smaller piece of salmon in fridge that I will plate tomorrow for Mom’s lunch.)



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