The Day is Still Young, But…

**Disclaimer:  This blog does not give any medical or financial advice.


All went well at mom’s this morning. The insect bites that I was concerned about on her wrist and knee aren’t any worse and I just used peroxide and Cortisone Plus this morning. Mom enjoyed her breakfast of 2 scrambled egg whites, 1/4 slice white bread toasted and some sliced banana and watermelon and decaf coffee.  After showering and after I finished all the chores, mom said yes to a walk through CVS…it isn’t a big walk, but I’ll take any walk with mom!!!  Mom’s going to be 91 in December and has all of her marbles. She enjoys doing her daily crossword puzzle and reading her newspaper and then reading her library books. I am thankful that she can just serve herself the lunch and the dinner that I leave for her and warm them up, if necessary. 

My earlier post this morning talked about self-preservation. After I left mom’s, I did do some walking on the treadmill and then walked with my hubby through the park. I just ate a delicious salad for lunch that contained: lettuce, cuke, raw mushroom, watermelon, blueberries and cheddar cheese, very refreshing. Now I’ll probably do my leg weights, then shower, and then read.

I have drastically reduced Have Tos in my life…the ONLY thing I have to do (and, of course, WANT TO DO) is take care of Me, Mom and My Family.  I think I inherited from my mom the gene that doesn’t have to be entertained or have to be around other people to be happy.  Thank you, Mom.

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