To Worry…or…Not to Worry

**Disclaimer:  This blog does not give any medical or financial advice.

 This morning, mom had her decaf coffee and a little watermelon…she hardly ate her half of a plain bagel. She had just a little piece with a little cream cheese, wasn’t hungry. Mom has very small meals anyway, but she usually eats a half a bagel. To Worry or Not to Worry, that is the question. I am choosing (and hopefully will stick to it) NOT to worry.  Today’s lunch and dinner menus are:

L:  Cheese plate (Thin cheddar, a little shredded lettuce, a little seedless cuke and some cooked carrots)   Decaf    Meds   Water  (Told mom if she wants, she can have the leftover bagel from this morning or some of it with lunch.)

D: Shrimp sauteed in olive oil with slivers of garlic    Pasta   Greenbeans (There is about a half lb of shrimp, 8 xl shrimp, so mom may have this for 2 days, we’ll see.)


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