The Caregiver Gig’s First Post

**Disclaimer: This blog does not give medical or financial advice.

Welcome to my new The Caregiver Gig blog which does NOT give any medical or financial advice. I invite all current caregivers, future caregivers, former caregivers to peruse this blog, comment, take away from it what you will. It is not intended as a guide and all medical and financial concerns should be addressed by the experts in your life.  The pages will probably stay the same, but I will try to post regularly the meals I prepare for mom that are very simple and anything else I find valuable in my life in The Caregiver Gig role.


Early this morning, I roasted 2 small turkey breasts….I mean really small, a little over a pound each. Then I sliced the meat thin and made individual packets that I wrapped in plastic wrap, put in a large baggy and labeled. So…today for lunch, I prepared a “Turkey Plate” for mom which included a few thin slices of turkey over a little bit of chopped iceberg lettuce and a few thin pieces of seedless cucumber. I topped that with 1 sliced strawberry and a few blueberries. She’ll have enjoy that with a cup of decaf, her after lunch meds and a glass of water. Earlier this morning, I prepared a scrambled egg white and put it over a half of a croissant. Alongside that I placed a sliced banana. For dinner tonight, I placed a slice of meatloaf on a plate with cooked stringbeans and cooked carrots.  So here is how today’s menu looks on a piece of paper on mom’s kitchen table:

B:  1 egg white    1/2 croissant  1 sliced banana  1 cup decaf coffee  meds  water

L:  Turkey plate  decaf coffee  meds  water

D: Meatloaf  carrots  stringbeans  meds  water

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